20% Off for September

As a Catering Equipment Business, a large part of our revenue is the supply of our products to Restaurants and Hotels all over the World. With the industry facing such challenging times recently and Restaurants focusing rightly on survival over everything else, we, as with many of our customers, are facing a tough time.

Whilst we are completely appreciative that many of our customers have much more significant worries than the enjoyment of their next meal, we are enjoying simple pleasures such as a healthy family dinner. Perhaps you are too, and perhaps the usual dinner is not filling you with excitement.

Hopefully, this is where we can come in, by offering our sensational dining experience of Steak on the Stone to you. As an effort to boost our online sales to counter the loss of much of our hospitality business, we are offering a special deal for September of 20% off across our online stores (excludes already discounted items).

Couriers are still delivering, so please use code “sep2020off” for a 20% discount available across our websites for the month of September. We wish you, your businesses and families all the best during these exceptional times.