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Himalayan Saltstones (20x18cm)

SKU: SS024
Sale price$38.00

We’re delighted to add these fantastic 20x18cm Himalayan SaltStones to our ever increasing range of Hot Stone Cooking products. Designed to fit perfectly into several of our SteakStones Sets (SS005, SS002 & SS002B), our SaltStones are a delicious way to cook in the Kitchen whilst allowing you to transfer your food still sizzling to the table to enjoy every mouthful piping hot with the natural salty flavours seared right into your chosen cuts of meat, fish or vegetables. We’re not 100% sure of the science of it all, but cooking on the SaltStones seems to melt any fat in an incredible way, and soften your Steak revealing an incredibly succulent and flavoursome mouthful every time and they look great with all of our other SteakStones Sets.

For Recipe Ideas we recommend the excellent cookbook written by Mark Bitterman and dedicated to the art of cooking with salt blocks (with 70 recipes).

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Himalayan Saltstones (20x18cm)
Himalayan Saltstones (20x18cm) Sale price$38.00