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The Sizzling Bowl Set

SKU: SS018
Sale price$137.00

From Sizzling Hot to Freezing Cold, the SteakStones Super Bowl Set will keep your meals exactly as intended for longer than any other way of serving. From crackling hot rice dishes to boiling hot noodles and soups, or fiery fajitas to crisp, cool salads and perfectly frozen ice cream, these sets will make every meal more fun and flavourful. Perhaps a bubbling bowl of mussels with a side of french fries, or a mountain of crushed ice with oysters on top, these sets really will impress and you’ll be using then for every dish imaginable. Imagine a lamb hot pot or beef casserole, with sides of mashed potato and vegetables and some sauces or other condiments to go along side.

The Sizzling Bowl Set
The Sizzling Bowl Set Sale price$137.00