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The SteakStones Steak Finishing Set

Sale price$136.00

If you have your favourite way of cooking Steak, but get a little fed up when your Steak goes cold, especially after resting, then the Steak Finishing Set will be perfect for you. Our 13x13cm Lava Stone can be heated super easily under your grill or broiler and will remain sizzling hot for 20-30mins so you can cut and sear each bite as you go and enjoy every last mouthful as hot and delicious as the first. So whether you fancy Fillet, Rib Eye, Sirloin or a mix of grilled vegetables, you can add a sizzling blast of heat to every forkful and we guarantee once you’ve tried it there’ll be no going back.

The SteakStones Steak Finishing Set
The SteakStones Steak Finishing Set Sale price$136.00