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Welcome to SteakStones

The Home of Hot Stone Cooking

Our sustainable and commercial grade products offer you a wonderful variety of ways to enjoy the sensational meal of Steak on Stone at Home or in Restaurants, where you get to cook every bite of Steak, exactly as you like. Happy Sizzling!

Globally Trusted

SteakStones Enrich Menus Across the Globe!

SteakStones products are used everyday in hundreds of Hotels and Restaurants all over the World and are guaranteed to benefit your business by creating a fun and exciting way for your guests to cook their food live at the table, exactly as they like.

Venues Proudly Using SteakStones

We only use the finest quailty Lava Stone quarried from the foothills of Mount Vesuvius, which has the best heat retention quailities of any stone known to man