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Steak on the Stone is a meal like no other. A meal where you have the opportunity to cook your food exactly as you like. With our innovative SteakStones products, The Steak on the Stone Company Ltd are bringing the mouthwatering versatility of this meal to you and in this section you can find out a little bit more about what makes us the best in the hot stone cooking business and why we’re certain our products are right for you whether you’re serving at Home or in your Restaurant.

One of the simplest, yet most enjoyable dining experiences you can find, is what we often here from our own home customers and also the feedback we get from our commercial customers, customers. This video gives you a quick 2 minute overview of just how good the concept of Steak on the Stone is and how easy it is to serve to your guests.



SteakStones is a Registered Trademark which was Registered during the formation of the company back in 2005. The trademark is owned by company owner Nick Metcalf on behalf of The Steak on the Stone Company Ltd. Any company advertising products under our Registered Brand Name is infringing our Registered Intellectual Property in an effort to benefit from our unique designs and the promotion of our products and this great concept. We take all steps possible to ensure that these companies undertaking illegal activity are quickly shut down on all channels where they infringing our rights.


The Steak on the Stone Company Ltd was established in 2006 and has since been growing steadily to become the World’s Top Selling Hot Stone Cooking Company. In line with this our products are the best on the market and carry guarantees to back this fact.

All of our products carry a full one year guarantee which means we will repair or replace any component within a year from purchase. All of our products are made bespoke for us from the best suppliers in each field and have been selected for both their aesthetic appeal and rugged functionality.

Lifetime Warranty

All of our products are checked by hand by our staff before despatch and the likelihood is that should there be any rare manufacturing default in our products it will be discovered within the first few weeks, not years, and fall under our guarantee. However, for your peace of mind, we offer a lifetime warranty for all of our products so you can rest assured that your purchase will perform exactly as intended.


We’re lucky enough to bring an exceptional dining experience to our audience with our amazing range of products, but are all too aware that access to basic nutrition is still such a challenge for many people all over the World.

That’s why we partner with the fantastic Global Giving Initiative, B1G1, to deliver giving gifts to worthwhile projects which help people bring sustainability to food production in their local area.

From providing seeds for crops to trees for planting all of the B1G1 initiatives which we support give people the opportunity to create a better nutritional future for themselves and their community and you are assured that every purchase from any of our online platforms results in this gift going to one of the amazing projects we support.

The widgets below show the magnitude of all our customers contribution to this incredible and successful initiative and we look forward – with our customers support – to supporting these projects for years to come.

The Dragons Enjoy a SteakStones Feast in the Den

The Steak on the Stone Company launched their brand SteakStones back in 2005 when Managing Director, Nick Metcalf, entered BBCs business funding programme, Dragons Den, to gain exposure and seek funding for the company.

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