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A Healthy Option for All

SteakStones not only provide a sensational dining experience but also a fresh and healthy way of cooking your food at home or in a Restaurant. The high, dry heat of your SteakStones sears in the natural juices of your meat or fish meaning that extra oils and fats are unnecessary, providing a more healthy alternative to many traditional cooking methods.

The searing process also means that the natural flavour and succulende of the product remains and that there is no shrinkage of the chosen cut. All of this adds up to a fresh and healthy alternative with unrivalled taste that is sure to keep you coming back for more.

One obvious concern our customers have is whether there are any health and safety implications of serving Steak on the Stone in their venue. Our answer is that provided you follow our instructions and the experience is suitably introduced, served and used your guests will experience nothing but pleasure and satisfaction from the meal.

In terms of safety, we recommend the purchase of our instruction cards which as well as enticing imagery of the meal, explain how it works and feature the important safety message which is repeated on the meal flags which have to be seen and removed before any guests can enjoy the meal.

You should also ensure your waiting staff are fully briefed on how the meal works and obviously to advise guests not to touch the stone. In terms of how the meal is served, the steak can be completely rare or flash seared before serving on the stone depending on your and your guests preferences. If you have any other questions or concerns please just get in touch and we can provide answers or solutions to you.