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The Benefits of Hot Stone Cooking

Cooking on Hot Stones (Hot Stone Cooking) is a concept that has been known of since ancient Egyptian times. Being able to use the heat of a fire transferred through the stone meant the food didn’t burn and using this same technique now, you can use our Lava Stones to cook on a fire or barbecue, as you can view in this Instagram post.

As well as transferring the direct heat, SteakStones Lava Stones are great at holding the heat and this means that you can pre-heat the stone and place it into one of our attractive sets to cook your food live at the table. Other than a recommended wipe of oil on the stone before serving, there are no oils or fats required in the cooking process, so cooking on the stone is extremely healthy, searing in the natural flavours and succulence of your chosen produce.

Added to this the benefit that you can cook every bite live at the table exactly as you like. So for a dinner party of 6, all of whom like their Steak cooked slightly differently, there is no time spent in the kitchen, just a fun interactive meal where diners cook just how they want. If you like it a little more well done, simply cut into strips and smaller bite sized pieces and turn these pieces a few times for the steak to cook through a little. If you like it more on the rare side, a full Fillet Steak left on the stone will be little more than a few mm’s cooked through after 20 mins, so you can simply cut, sear and enjoy.

There really is no better way to enjoy cooking and eating your Steak, and that’s why SteakStones are used in hundreds of Restaurants all around the World every day and in thousands of dining rooms at home, where customers can all be sure the last bite will be as hot and delicious as the first. Happy Sizzling!