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The Steak on the Stone Company launched their brand SteakStones back in 2005 when Managing Director, Nick Metcalf, entered BBCs business funding programme, Dragons Den, to gain exposure and seek funding for the company.

With the Dragons having just re-emerged from their cave after lunch, the timing was not ideal to sample the delights of Steak on the Stone, but all five Dragons sampled and thoroughly enjoyed the fusion of flavours that SteakStones create.

With many participants receiving a mauling at the hands of the Dragons, it is always a slightly risky adventure, but we were confident that whatever the Dragons may say the product would shine through and the basic design of our main set is still our best selling set today, testament to the simple, classic design.

Duncan Bannatyne, despite coming back for seconds of Steak, questioned the wisdom of having something so hot that it could harm users if they dropped it on themselves. The global success of tea and coffee laid answer to the Scots Dragons daft comment and the fact that people very rarely pour their cup of tea over themselves! The one sensible thing he did say was that “the steak is beautiful” and that is exactly why people buy SteakStones, as it helps create the best Steak dining experience there is.

Richard Farleigh is more high tech than hot steak and couldn’t quite grasp how launching this product to the as yet unserviced consumer market was a new idea. At The Steak on the Stone Company Ltd we are confident that SteakStones are unmatched when it comes to serving Steak on the Stone and there are no comparable products on the market that meet both the aesthetic beauty and functionality of our design, no matter whether that is at home or in a Restaurant.

Theo Paphitis mistakenly focussed on having the SteakStones meal on your lap. Whilst this is undoubtedly a benefit as the clever design means you can safely sit with the product on your lap to enjoy a casual meal, it is much more than that and creates a fantastic experience when used in either a casual or formal dining occasion at the table.

It was left to arguably the most respected Dragon Peter Jones to heap praise on the product and he rightly pointed to the fact that increasingly people are looking to enjoy an experience whilst they dine and this is exactly the market that SteakStones cater for.

Peter was confident that the product would sell (and how wise he was proved), but after analysing the business didn’t fell that we needed a significant cash injection from him to move the business forward. Peter has since taken delivery of his own SteakStones for his family to enjoy.

Finally Deborah Meaden called into question our market research for the product. What was shown on TV was only a snip of the answer and whilst everyone who has dined with our innovative SteakStones has thoroughly enjoyed the experience, we know from our other research that there is a much wider demand for this type of product from all those who have experienced something similar at restaurants around the world. What we have done is bring the experience to your dining room and we know you will enjoy it.