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Article: The Best Steak Cuts

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The Best Steak Cuts

What Steaks can I enjoy cooked on the Stone?

Each steak type has different characteristics which will create a slightly different dining experience for your Steak on the Stone meal. For us, there are three champions of Steak and below are our thoughts on the benefits and features of each cut.


The most tender cut of steak you will find, typically with a delicate but rich flavour. Typically much of the flavour of a Steak is created by the fat, and there’s nothing to say that a Fillet steak can’t have some delicious marbling throughout. This is our favourite Steak to cook on the stone and typically as it is cut a little deeper you really get the perfect experience of being able to slice, cook and enjoy every slice and every bite, exactly as you like. Our favourite accompaniments include Dijon Mustard, Horseradish and a Caramelised Red Onion Chutney which gives a lovely, sweet charring flavour on our super-heated Lava Stone. We love the three sauce options of our Steak Set for this prime cut of Beef.


Second in tenderness, but rarely in flavour. The additional streaks of fat that run through your typical Rib-Eye produce what many say is the most flavoursome Steak. There’s certainly no need for any oil on the stone with the Rib-Eye providing all the required moisture and cooked on the stone you will get a delicious, chargrilled effect on the outside and soft pink succulence on the inside. Crunchy on the outside, soft on the inside, that’s called Armadillo style for us, or Chicago style as it’s commonly known. Now you can have every bite just the way you like it, rather than a pre-cooked Steak which simply gets colder the longer it takes to eat and our Steak Plate Set is the perfect platform for this delicious Steak.


If you’re going for the solid, reliable Sirloin, ask your butcher to trim off the excess rind as this is one thing that won’t cook well on the stone. A lovely deep trimmed Sirloin is a delight cooked live at the table on your SteakStones set and all the moisture and flavours remain trapped inside each bite, meaning it’s less about the accompaniments and more about the beefier Sirloin flavour. Our Steak Plate & Sauces Set is the perfect design for this cut with plenty of room for your favourite sides and two favourite sauces which will make sure each bite is just as you like.   

All three…

We’ve mentioned our favourite SteakStones designs for each of the Steak Cuts above, but there’s no need to settle for just one. Why not buy a portion of each from your local butcher and enjoy a Steak Tasting on one of our larger Steak Sharing Sets, just as you would your wine, so you can really taste the differences in texture, flavour and succulence of each. There’s nothing to stop you enjoying your Steak Tasting alongside a wine tasting. A nice glass of Argentinian Malbec to go with your Fillet, a Californian Zinfandel to sit alongside your Rib-Eye and an Australian Syrah to go with your Sirloin. Sounds like a great evening to us. Find out a little more about which wines go best with each Steak in this article.

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