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A Recipe for Your Success

Steak on the Stone is a meal fit to grace any establishment and our commercial packages are ready to be tailored to your venue exactly as you require. Whether you are looking to serve the finest fillet steak with Chef’s handmade sauces or the quickest Steak & Chips, the versatility of SteakStones will leave you, and your guests, suitably impressed.

At The Steak on the Stone Company Ltd we appreciate the value of offering something unique and if you are looking for something to elevate the experience guests receive at your establishment, then SteakStones will definitely provide the solution.

Our tailor made packages are designed to suit every request and we will provide a bespoke solution for your venues needs. Our packages include everything you will need to quickly get up and running with Steak on the Stone in your venue, including our rugged SteakStones Ovens, ideal for heating your SteakStones.

You can browse all of our products here and once you have an idea of your requirement please drop us a quick message and we will respond with your own customised quote and information pack.

If you need any convincing of the benefits of SteakStones please take a moment to explore some of hundreds of venues right across the World who are succeeding with SteakStones in their restaurants from our global map.

For any further information please email or feel free to give us a call on 0207 0787558, we look forward to helping you add some extra sizzle to your menu.