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Bibimbap Served in the SteakStones Sizzling Bowl

The SteakStones Sizzling Bowl is a great way to add an authentic edge to many Asian inspired dishes. In this simple recipe idea, we use some delightful strip fried beef presented ready to mix with some other great, fresh ingredients.

How to serve:

Heat your SteakStones Bowl up on the hob on a medium setting for about 10-15 mins. Then, add some sesame oil and if the stone’s hot enough it should start to sizzle. Pad in plenty of cooked rice which will take on a lovely caramelised and crunchy outer coat. Then, simply add your favourite fresh ingredients.

In this version, we’ve added strips of pak choi, spring onions, red cabbage, samphire, sweet red peppers, baby courgettes, a sprinkling of red chilles, oriental mushrooms and asian noodles. To finish off, crack a fresh egg in the centre and sprinkle with sesame seeds before drizzling over your chosen accompaniment – in this case some sweet Chilli sauce.