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Crisp & Piping Hot Pizza Every Slice

Not only are most Pizza plates getting smaller, but they’re almost never even warmed before serving, resulting in soggy and increasingly cold slices as you go through the meal.

With SteakStones Lava Pizza Stone, you can cook your Pizza in the oven on the stone, resulting in an authentic stone cooked crisp base. Better still, you can remove the stone from the oven with the Pizza still on top and place in the board to serve at the table. At just 200c (around 392f) the stone will keep the base crisp as it pushes the moisture away and it is guaranteed to keep every last slice as hot and delicious as the first.

We make no apology that our Lava Stone is significantly more expensive than other Pizza Stones on the market. None of the others are as heavy duty as the SteakStones Pizza Stone; it can be used time and again for creating the perfect pizza.  This amazing stone with its beautiful recessed bamboo board can also be used for serving your delicious pizza straight to the table.

Our Pizza Stone has all sorts of other uses from cooking bread, to placing on your barbecue to transmit the heat but not the flames and allow you to cook from the moment the coals are lit. In this instance, it goes perfectly with our Kamado Smoker & Grill, the only Barbecue you will ever need.