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Crispy Duck Served on the SteakStones Sizzling Steak Set

SteakStones offer a great alternative way to serve the delicious meal of Crispy Duck, whether it’s to share or alternatively as a main course for one. Sizzling Duck, pancakes, cucumber and spring onion complimented by a choice of delicious sauces.

Due to the high fat content of the duck it will usually lose heat quickly at the table and this often means this delicious meal is enjoyed a little less than it should. Served on the stone, the crispy duck remains sizzling hot and crunchy till the very last roll and with a variety of condiments served in the ceramic dishes, every mouthful can be deliciously different.

We suggest a serving of Hoisin Sauce, Oyster Sauce and finally Soy Sauce with a splash of Wasabi to give a little extra kick to this great twist on a classic Chinese dish.

*Please note – the components shown in this image have changed slightly. Please view the SS001 product in our shop for the updated model and components.