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Lobster & Lamb

You’ve heard of Surf & Turf, but we’re taking this up a notch with Lobster & Lamb served sizzling away on our sensational Raised Sharing Steak Plate for two or more diners to enjoy in the centre of the table.

What you’ll need:
2 Lobsters (you may just wish to order lobster tails and save the trouble of shell removal)
4-6 Lamb Chops (we love Rib Chops which usually come with a nice long bone, perfect for turning and searing with your fingers, but Loin Chips can be a little meatier if that’s your preference)
4-6 King Scallops (King Scallops are much bigger than Queen Scallops, which are actually an entirely different breed)
2-4 Asparagus Sticks
2 Bunches of Tomatoes on the Vine (we’re not sure they’re called Bunches, but if it works for Grapes!?)
Condiments as desired – we love a Caramelised Red Onion relish to give some extra charring to the Lamb and a Lemon Mayonnaise to cool the luscious Lobster

For the perfect serve, we recommend heating the Sharing Stone (36x20cm, 14×8”) directly under the Grill element in your oven (for more heating instructions view the following Video:

Whilst that’s heating, if you’re using whole Lobsters remove the Lobster Tail from the shell (you can view how to do this on YouTube) or otherwise simply follow instructions for the tail. We recommend blanching the tail for just 2-3 mins in a pot of boiling water, then remove and quickly place in a bowl containing cold water and ice for 10 mins to stop them cooking.

Lamb & Lobster Seared on the SteakStones Raised Sharing Steak Plate

For your Lamb cutlets, you’ve probably already got your favourite butcher, but otherwise try and find a relatively trim cut or remove most of the outer fat. To season, you don’t need anything more just a sprinkle of rock salt and freshly ground black pepper and just a very light coat of oil on the outside of the cutlets to add a little sizzle when they hit the stone.

Our Server Sets provide a perfect match for all our Sharing SteakStones Sets and our favourite sides for this dish are Peppered Wedges and Tomato’s on the Vine which perfectly compliment this meal and you can create a little charring of the Tomatoes as you like on the heated Lava Stone.

Once the stone is up to heat serve your sides, add a very light rub of oil to the heated stone which stops the Lamb & Lobster sticking to the stone and then place your Lobster Tails and Lamb Cutlets onto the super-heated Lava Stone. You’ll see in this image we’ve added a few succulent scallops and Asparagus Sticks, both of which are beautiful served raw allowing all the flavour and succulence to get seared inside.

You can then cut pieces of the Lobster & Lamb and turn to sear the outside until it’s cooked just right for you. If you like it piping hot you can enjoy the meat straight from the stone, but you always have the benefit of the Server Set to remove and let things cool a little, so you really do have the option of cooking and enjoying exactly as you like.