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Sizzling Fun with Himalayan Salt Stones

Our SaltStones are designed for cooking on directly on your hob or grill and they also fit handily into many of our SteakStones Sets. They can be purchased individually or as part of several different sets.

These Himalayan Salt Blocks allow you to cook the food a little less in the kitchen, whilst moving directly to the table to finish off the cooking and throughout this process they magically impart the flavours of the Himalayan Salt to the Steak of your choice.

Great for all sorts of meat Steaks and perfect for fish such as Swordfish and Salmon, the SaltStones won’t hold the heat quite as well as our Lava, but are a great alternative to enjoy a meal with a difference. Our SaltStones are available in 20x12cm (8x5inches) and 20x18cm (8x7inches).