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Baby Rack of Lamb on a Hot Stone Cooking

Awaken your inner caveman with a delicious rack of lamb served sizzling on our lava stone. You won’t be able to resist grabbing the bone and searing the outside of the cutlets before tucking in to the piping hot mouthfuls. As with all SteakStones dishes, you can simply style your meals to different cuisines with sides and sauces that reflect your favourite experiences.

We’ve served with an Indian style side of Okra, Red Onion and Green Chilies with a soothing saffron coleslaw. We also added a spicy tomato and onion salsa which will give a tangy crunch to your lamb when dipped and seared on the stone.

Lamb really is delicious when cooked on the stone, giving you the perfectly browned outer with a soft pink inside to each bite. As with everything cooked on the lava stone, the smaller mouthfuls you cut, and the more you turn them, the more cooked through the food will be. This dish is shown on our Steak & Sides Model SS016 or there’s an alternative with a slightly smaller side plate but dip bowls included in the SS016B.