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Succulent Salmon on the Stone

A lovely fillet of Salmon is absolutely delicious when cooked on the stone and one of our own favourites. Our preferred method is to heat the Lava Stone to around 300c and then place the Salmon Fillet skin down on the stone.

The bottom will start to cook through the skin, and you can simply slide slices off the skin and sear the outside. The inside of the salmon will remain lovely and rare so you get the beautiful contrast of textures. Like anything you cook on the stone, it’s best to let the salmon fillet air at room temperature to allow some of the external moisture to evaporate before placing on the sizzling stone.

Salmon is great served with a simple side salad or perhaps some Mediterranean couscous and for sauces we love a chilli sauce, some lemon mayonnaise and a sprinkling of dill.

This is a great dish to serve on our models SS001SS016 and SS016B in particular, but also works great on our Sharing Sets.