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Tuna Steak with Chunky Chips & Mushy Peas

A tasty twist on Fish & Chips, Tuna is a fantastic fish to serve on your SteakStones. Ask your fishmonger for a deep steak so that you can enjoy the centre rare as the experts say it is best. With all the taste seared inside, the fish will stay deliciously soft with no risk of drying out as can be common with Tuna when cooked by other means.

You can ask your fishmonger for some alternative fish steaks to try on your lava stone: Bluefin is a popular choice with rich, red translucent flesh, not dissimilar to beef in appearance and sensational with your SteakStones. Yellowfin is perhaps not quite as impressive in colour as its cousin, but is no less tasty or suitable for your SteakStones.

Serve with Chunky Chips and Mushed Peas for an alternative twist on this very British meal, with suggested condiments of Tartare Sauce, Real Tomato Ketchup and some black olives.

*Please note – the components shown in this image have changed slightly. Please view the product in our shop for the updated model and components.