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Venison Steaks Cooked on the Stone

There’s no denying Fillet Steak is our own personal favourite steak to cook on the stone, but there are plenty of other lovely steaks you can try. Venison Steaks are incredible when cooked on the stone; often prepared as slightly thicker steaks by the butcher they offer you and your guests the perfect balance of seared on the outside and rare on the inside.

This makes a great Autumn or Winter meal, served with some roasted carrots and butter fried courgettes and a lovely Cranberry sauce, which caramelises as it hits the heated stone giving a lovely taste and texture to the outside of the Venison.

This delicious dish is shown here on the SteakStones Steak Plate & Sides Set SS002, but would work perfectly on any of our stylish Bamboo Range.