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Sizzling Fish Skewers Served on the Stone

SteakStones are really great either in place of or in addition to your barbecue. These delicious fish and vegetable skewers are super easy to prepare and make a really great meal to share between two.

We’ve used Swordfish, Tuna and some chunky Salmon mixed with red and yellow peppers and some red onions. Some fresh lemon squeezed on top will give a little extra sizzle and you won’t need anything more than a sprinkle of salt and pepper with all the natural, delicious flavours seared inside.

We now have some fantastic serving sets that beautifully compliment all our SteakStones Sets, but especially the Sharing models, SS003SS003B and SS005. Whether you’re catering for 2, 4 or more these combinations will ensure everyone has a simply great hot stone cooking dining experience.